At the end of 2021, I was interviewed by Impact Consulting Hub. I shared the origin story of why and how I started working in consulting and some lessons learned from my first year as a full-time independent consultant (that is, my mistakes and how I tried to solve them, even if imperfectly). If you’re an independent consultant working in international development, humanitarian, or social impact consulting, I highly recommend the great courses, free resources, and the very helpful Facebook Group that Impact Consulting Hub (Loksan Harley 钟乐山 and Molly Ann Morrison) have developed.📚

Description: “Transitioning to consulting can be challenging and exciting in unexpected ways. If you are new to consulting, this podcast episode is a good way to demystify the process. Join us as we sit down with Mara Tissera Luna , an Argentine and Italian child protection specialist with 10+ years of qualitative research, policy analysis, and programme evaluation experience, mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean region. Her research and policy analysis in Latin America, Europe, and Central Asia have produced 20+ publications. Mara has performed qualitative analysis on the protection of migrant and refugee children, institutional care, child suicide prevention, violence against children, and early childhood policies, among other child protection topics. If you are wondering what kind of consultancies to take on, how to clarify the terms of reference, and how to position your services, this is the podcast episode for you!”

Please, find the podcast episode on this website and on Apple Podcasts. Here’s the Impact Consulting Hub’s Facebook Group.