On 6-10 June, I had the chance to speak with many committed, hard-working, inspiring organizations, researchers, and activists as a participant of the IX Civil Society Forum at the Presidents’ Summit of the Americas, the alternative Cumbre de los Pueblos/People’s Summit, and GREAT side events on migration and on discrimination organized by CHIRLACentral American Resource Center – Los Angeles (CARECEN-LA)Human Rights WatchRefugees InternationalThe International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights, and many other wonderful organizations. One of the main themes I heard was “nothing about us (the peoples of the Americas), without us”.

I also appeared on a little video for the alternative news media outlet People’s Dispatch. Here, I explained why it’s so crucial for NGOs, grass-root organizations, women-led, migrant- & refugee-led NGOs, the LGTBQ+, black and brown people (in sum, the peoples of The Americas) to get together to debate around the Summit and advocate for each other in solidarity.