At the end of 2021, I was interviewed by the Women in Consulting Podcast. I shared the origin story of how I started working in consulting and some lessons learned from my first year as a full-time independent consultant. We also spoke about women’s unpaid labor, and I hope our conversation is helpful for other women, too! 💜. If you’re a woman working as a consultant in the areas of international development, humanitarian, or social impact consulting, I highly recommend the great courses, free resources, and the very helpful Facebook Group that Janet Whitelaw-Jones and Helen Merati ( Turas Partners ) have developed.📚 Visit The Women’s Consulting Workshop’s website here.

Description: “Mara is an Argentine and Italian child protection specialist with more than 10 years of experience in qualitative research, policy analysis, and program evaluation. She works mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean region. Her research and policy analysis has produced in produced over 20 publications in Latin America, Europe, and Central Asia. Mara’s love of research is clear, and in this wide-ranging conversation, we cover the importance of relationships and supporting those joining the consulting field. Mara shares her tips for connecting with those who are just ahead of you professionally, and we delve into the boundaries around supporting others on their journey. Thanks, Mara, for such a great conversation!” 

The podcast episode can be found on this website and on Apple Podcasts.

Visit The Women’s Consulting Workshop’s website here.