¡Hola! And welcome.

I’m an independent consultant with  10+ years of qualitative research, policy analysis, and program evaluation experience.

My research, policy analysis, and evaluations have focused on:

  • Child protection and social justice issues that disproportionately affect children and youth. 
  • The protection of displaced populations and the root causes of displacement in the Americas.
  • The analysis and evaluation of child protection policies and programs developed by governments, international agencies, and non-governmental organizations alike in different contexts (middle-income countries, the least developed countries, humanitarian contexts, etc.).

Through my work and research, I make a modest contribution to Latin American critical theory and to more egalitarian societies that uphold the rights of children, women, and other marginalized groups. I also try to contribute to decolonizing the international development sector by critically examining our practices and learning from them.

My research and evaluations in the Americas, Europe, and Central Asia has produced or contributed to 20+ reports, handbooks, and articles (available here). Also, I have co-written over 50 grant proposals, donor reports, policy briefings & advocacy papers. I’m a TEDx speaker, and I like giving talks and presentations whenever I have the opportunity to do so. 

I work remotely from the Bay Area of California, where I live.

As an independent consultant and researcher, I have worked with the following agencies, organizations, and universities:

International Refugee Assistance Project (United States)

Geographical Assessment Consultant for Latin America

Center for Judicial Excellence (United States)

Consultant for the Prevention of Child Homicides

End Violence Lab, The University of Edinburgh (2021)

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E, MEAL) Consultant of the Colombia INSPIRE Coordination Course.

CARE Colombia  (2021)

Participatory Project Proposal Developer on the protection of Venezuelans on the move in Colombia.

RELAF – Latin American Network (2017-2018)

Consultant on the care of unaccompanied and separated migrant and refugee children (UASC)

International Labor Organization (2017)

External Collaborator of the International Labor Organization’s Alliance 8.7

UNICEF The Netherlands (2021)

Project proposal developed for the prevention and response to child abuse in Aruba and Curaçao.

UNICEF Kazakhstan (2016)

Evaluation of the government and UNICEF’s child and adolescent suicide prevention program.

Buenos Aires University (2011-2014)

Junior Academic Researcher on international children’s rights networks (Child Rights Connect y Better Care Network)

UNICEF Mozambique (2021)

Study on shelters for women and girls survivors of violence in Mozambique and Southern and Eastern Africa.